A safe and non-judgemental space for you to be vulnerable, and just be you. Honour your hidden and suppressed emotions through body movement. Release them out. Start exploring what's possible for you. Real changes always comes from within.


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Level 1: Basic Life Survival Kit

  • Get High Through Stillness
  • Surrender To Conquer
  • Thank You, Next

Level 2: Dear Me

  • Please Be Kind, To Me
  • Not Done Yet
  • Thank You For Leaving The Comfort Zone

Level 3: What’s Possible If You

  • Let Go Of Grudges
  • Are Happy With Failing
  • Ignite The Spark Of Zest

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Level 1: Truth & Dare

  • Hello, My Emotions
  • You Can Have It All - Mind & Body
  • Anchor In The Twirl

Level 2: A Date With Your Primary Emotions

  • Fear: I Need A Good Narrative
  • Anger: I Need A Good Shout
  • Sadness: I Need A Good Cry

Level 3: Can You Pick Up The Call from

  • Your Inner Critics
  • Your Shame
  • Your Past & Future

Launching Soon

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It’s time we brought the uncommon common sense to awareness. It’s time we learnt some necessary life skills outside the classroom. Together, let’s fill the gap and prepare the younger generation to handle life better.

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