Anyone aged between 14 and 22, and living in Hong Kong can become a One Ten warrior. Browse our workouts below to find the perfect session to suit you.


One Ten
× Yoga

Our yoga is an energising series of flowing poses, designed to increase your strength, balance and flexibility, while enabling you to connect with your inner wisdom.

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One Ten
× Spin

One Ten 110 Website Image Class Description Xyz Spin

One Ten will offer students the opportunity to attend indoor cycling classes. Our spin classes take place on stationary bikes in the darkness of an underground cave. A 50-minute spinning session of intense cardio exercise is designed to relieve your stresses, strengthen your mental and physical form by testing the limits of your endurance and connecting you with your fellow warriors.

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One Ten
× Hiit

Our high intensity interval training classes alternate intense bursts of activity with fixed periods of calmer movement, forcing your heart rate up and down for the most effective workout ever. Our HIIT sessions will lead to increased will power, clarity, fortitude, confidence, brain function and mental toughness.

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One Ten 110 Website Image Class Description Hiit

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