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"Transformation is becoming a better version of you from there you started until now."
One Ten Website Images Warrior Stories Ashley

Ashley Joey is a strong-hearted, driven 16-year-old. Whether it is organising and gathering friends to conduct outdoor fitness sessions, to cheerleading, to spinning, Ashley is a role model for young adults. She takes the lessons she learns from working as a team in cheerleading, encouraging her friends, and the motivational words from spin classes and uses them to build up a tool belt of skills strong enough to emotionally conquer anything that is thrown her way. To her, every challenge is another opportunity for her to pull out that tool belt, practice her skills and apply them and prove herself. She is a strong believer in mind over matter, allowing her body to achieve what the mind believes, a mindset that allows for the growth and the strengthening of her mind.


One Ten Website Images Warrior Stories David
“Exercise is a catalyst for other good things to happen in life."

Bubbly and entertaining, 17-year-old Davis Lau has always been into the arts. Passionate about nutrition, looking and feeling good, and brightening someone else’s day, Davis’ face is always lit up with a smile. Engaging in fitness for Davis has allowed him to let go, and to shut out negativity. Davis came to an understanding that you really cannot let the negative things in life beat you down. For Davis, fitness was not the primary thing that helped him transform, for him, it was acting. Acting gave Davis his charismatic personality, and he has always had a love for the arts. It allowed him to be more open, and he found a group of people who were all different, who all accepted each other for who they were.


“The most important thing is to put love into whatever you’re doing”
One Ten Website Images Rider Stories Charlotte

Hi, I’m Charlotte. I'm 18, and about to start university studies in dentistry. For me, spin class - and the whole riding community - has had a huge impact. I attended right through my high school years, and it helped me gain self-confidence and meet inspiring people, as well as just having a really great time.

Now One Ten enables me to combine my own health and wellness with community service through Time Auction - it gives me the best of both worlds.

Community is something that really matters to me, because it’s the people around me who have helped shape me into the individual I am today. To me, community means kindness, commitment, equality and reciprocity.

Studying dentistry is a great way for me to give back to the community, because I can get involved in outreach programmes in less affluent areas of Hong Kong that make dental care accessible to those who need it most. At high school I started a project called ‘Run for Refugees’ that raised money for dental care in refugee camps in Jordan and Syria. And this summer I travelled to Fiji to volunteer at a centre for children with special needs. But giving back to the community isn’t about organising big events, it’s about constant responsiveness. I think the little things matter most – helping a newcomer find their way around the district, cheering up a neighbour who has had a bad day, bringing your support to local events.

There’s no one way to make an impact into the community, but for me the most important thing is to put love into whatever you’re doing and hopefully spread that to others too.


One Ten Website Images Warrior Stories Sabrina
"Life is like a trampoline, when you fall you just bounce back up again."

Hey! I’m Sabrina and I’m 17. For years, every attempt at sport ended in failure. Whether it was my inability to bowl without bumpers or being the first person in the kayaking group to capsize, I spent most of my life believing that sports just weren’t for me. Yet, in my journey to combating mental illness, I began to build in a regular exercise routine and turned towards healthy dieting (Don’t worry… it doesn’t have to mean giving up chocolate for kale). Through exercise I learnt to take care of my body, but more importantly my mind. Spinning with my friends, One Ten classes became more than just a bike ride, it became a way for us to connect with each other and with ourselves.


“It’s the small changes you go through that help you find out who you really are”
One Ten Website Images Rider Stories Justin

Hi, I’m Justin. I’m 19, and I was never very good at sports or interested in fitness, tending to focus on my studies instead. But two years ago I began exercising – I wanted to be good at something other than academics!

Spinning has been a catalyst for real transformation for me. Finding something physical that I wasn’t the worst at, or coming last at, has helped me grow as a person. I’ve found out more about myself.

Spinning has helped me find my truth – who I am and what I believe in. I want to help other people figure out the same for themselves, to understand what their beliefs are rather than conforming to what everyone else thinks. It’s important to find your own voice in society and use it to bring good into the world.

It worries me when people feel the need to suppress themselves and their personalities or how they look because they don't fit into a ‘norm’ that society has created. I used to feel that way – I was uncomfortable with how I looked – but through exercise I realised that people didn’t care as much about that than I did – it was me judging myself too harshly.

Transformation is a misleading word because people think about before and after, whereas in reality it’s a gradual process. It’s all the small changes you go through that help you find out who you really are.

WHATEVER you're going through,


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