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Hey! I’m Sabrina and I’m 17. For years, every attempt at sport ended in failure. Whether it was my inability to bowl without bumpers or being the first person in the kayaking group to capsize, I spent most of my life believing that sports just weren’t for me. Yet, in my journey to combating mental illness, I began to build in a regular exercise routine and turned towards healthy dieting (Don’t worry… it doesn’t have to mean giving up chocolate for kale). Through exercise I learnt to take care of my body, but more importantly my mind. Spinning with my friends, One Ten classes became more than just a bike ride, it became a way for us to connect with each other and with ourselves.

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“Coffee is…a lot more than just a drink…It gives you time…not actual hours or minutes, but a chance to be, like be yourself, and have a second cup.”- Gertrude Stein, Selected Writings

Music was my cup of espresso; it took me by the scruff of the neck in the morning from crawling out of bed to striding tall and confident. I used to take it black. No sugar. No cream. Naturally, after a while the symptoms of an overdose started rolling in: headaches, insomnia, an increased heart rate. At first, I couldn’t quite point to what it was; it was knowing in your gut that something wasn’t right but not being able to give the diagnostic. Quarrels, the separate rooms, then just silence – common symptoms of a failing marriage between my parents that, when detected, was too late.

Discovering spinning taught me to channel stress from the divorce into a means of self-improvement. With my feet hooked onto the bike pedals, the familiar EDM beat grounded me. In time, instead of riding behind the music, I learnt to ride on it.

Seeing how I was able to turn music into my vehicle, I wanted to motivate my friends to ride alongside me. Yet, in a city where green space is almost as scarce as clean air, or in an age where sports have been processed and repackaged into boxes branded as “Wii- Fit” or “PS3”, starting a fitness movement was going to be tough.

Deterring a friend from spending another weekend sluggishly sprawled out on her couch fumbling with a game controller, I took her to spinning. After an hour of muscle-aching cardio, she was still gasping for air as she clumsily tugged her foot off the bike pedal. Just as we headed for the studio door, just when I thought all hope was lost, she turned to ask…

“So...same time next week?”

As people, we rarely realize our capability to spark change. Blinded by the misconception that we are just one of eight billion people and counting, we fail to realize that we are at the center of a network.

Word about my spinning group spread and soon the studio began to fill with familiar faces. After every ride, I could see my friends’ confidence grow. In time, spinning became more than just a bike ride; it became a means for us to connect with each other, and with ourselves.

Hearing my story and spinning regularly at the studio, I was invited to be an ambassador for One Ten Foundation, a position which has only pushed me to further my advocacy for using exercise to strengthen mental health. Having been featured in interviews on local news outlets, such as #legend and having lead open forums on adolescent wellness, One Ten has allowed me to ramify my impact beyond school walls and into the wider Hong Kong community.

In kindling a love for exercise, I hoped to peel eyes away from computer screens. Yet, at 11am on Monday mornings, those of us who go spinning still gather around laptops for a quick game of tic tac toe. Waiting in anticipation as the week’s spinning schedule is released, we race to fill three bikes in a row so that we can be stationed beside our friends. As I watch the seat matrix fill up signaling another full house, I think back to when I used to fret about arriving to an empty studio.

Now, I still like listening to music, but the pulsing in my head is somehow quieter. I do not live without anxiety, in fact, I believe that having cups of it in moderation is healthy. It boosts productivity – but, I take lattes now, with the milk and the sugar.

Life is like a trampoline, when you fall you just bounce back up again.


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Just do it. 21-year-old Hubert Leung lives by this mantra, whether it is getting his homework done for medical school or whether it is exercising. As an aspiring doctor, Hubert wanted to start practicing what he preaches, so he started to stay healthy through starting to exercise. Through exercising, playing tennis, running cross country, spinning, or playing football, Hubert has developed a keen sense of perseverance that has enabled him to develop this mantra of ‘Just do it’. This mantra to him is more than just words he sees on a Nike billboard, but a true testament to his attitude. He has realised through playing all these sports that it really taught him how to stick it out when it is tough and not quit. From team sports, he learned that you have to figure out how to get along with everyone and make it work, and it helped him understand team dynamics and working together.

“Every small action you take, and every behaviour you choose can be meaningful."

Being a medical student at Hong Kong University, Hubert is often faced with a lot of schoolwork to finish, however being human, Hubert says he often faces a lot of procrastination when it comes to his work. However, this is where his motto of “just do it” comes into play. Hubert describes transformation as “the attitude change to do it and not put it off”, and Hubert says that a transformation for him was realising that he needed to stop putting things off and stop procrastinating things and instead of looking at all the reasons to not do it or put it off, but all the reasons to do it and why you should. By just doing things, Hubert is able to follow his gut instinct that he is on the right path and to not waffle around and stick to his path. Exercising has been given Hubert a stress release from his academics, and he is able to apply the mentality of pushing past his threshold in the other aspects of his life other than physically, such as in his academia.

Upon entering Hong Kong University from attending an international school in Hong Kong, Hubert said that one of the most surprising things he found was the large local population at HKU. Hubert said at the beginning that he tended to only integrate with students like himself, those coming from international school, and created his bubble. He found it hard to segregate with the local population, however, Hubert decided to leave the bubble, and he used the concept of pushing past thresholds that he understood because of exercising. He has not fully overcome this, however, Hubert has realised that although they do not speak the same language, or act the same way, they are in theory not all that different. Hubert’s embodiment of persevering through and sticking to his path has influenced the way that he wants to influence the world. He does think that “the whole notion of making a mark on the world is too grand”. That inspired his pursuit of a career as a doctor, as he has realised that each time you help a patient and help them get better, you better their life. All of these small steps accumulate and “every small action you take, and every behaviour you choose can be meaningful”.


Ashley Joey is a strong-hearted, driven 16-year-old. Whether it is organising and gathering friends to conduct outdoor fitness sessions, to cheerleading, to spinning, Ashley is a role model for young adults. She takes the lessons she learns from working as a team in cheerleading, encouraging her friends, and the motivational words from spin classes and uses them to build up a tool belt of skills strong enough to emotionally conquer anything that is thrown her way. To her, every challenge is another opportunity for her to pull out that tool belt, practice her skills and apply them and prove herself. She is a strong believer in mind over matter, allowing her body to achieve what the mind believes, a mindset that allows for the growth and the strengthening of her mind.

One Ten Website Images Warrior Stories Ashley

Ashley exercises because she says it is fun and it is her favourite stress release. A particular part about why she enjoys going to spin classes is because she allows herself to get lost in the music and it makes her feel so much stronger. Around the same time that Ashley began attending spin classes, is the same time that cheerleading came into Ashley’s life. Cheerleading was something Ashely never thought of doing until she was approached by the captain of a cheerleading team who saw her flexibility. At first, Ashley had a lot of doubts about joining and taking that leap of faith, but she had a lot of supportive friends that encouraged her to go for it. Before Ashley dove head first into the world of exercising, she said that she lived a very unhealthy life, not sleeping enough and not eating healthily. As soon as she started cheerleading and spinning, she became a better version of herself, willing to put in the work to make herself overcome challenges.

Over the past few years, Ashley has faced a lot of emotional challenges. However, Ashley said she was upset at times but she realised she needs to move on and grow from the situation than wallow in her sadness. Ashley does not let challenges cripple her, instead she lets herself showcase the warrior mentality that she has strengthened over time, and each challenge adds to that and makes her grow a little bit more. Every challenge is an opportunity for her to prove herself, fighting through, and she becomes tougher each time and adds to her set of tools with each challenge that she conquers. She does not let the challenge drown her, she keeps herself afloat because of all the emotional tools she has garnered through her exercise. She also wants to prove to herself and her mum, because when her mum doubts her it fuels Ashley’s fire and makes her want to do it even better and even more. Her mum is her motivation because her mum encourages Ashley in a hard time that life will still go on, and that also adds to Ashley’s emotional strength. Doing something big or small, to do something good with a great heart is how Ashley wants to make her mark in the world. Inspiring youth, who feel isolated or have anxiety and teach them more about this world. Ashley aspires to be, and is a role model and allows other people to believe that they can do the same and be the same if they just believe in themselves.

“Transformation is becoming a better version of you from there you started until now."


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Bubbly and entertaining, 17-year-old Davis Lau has always been into the arts. Passionate about nutrition, looking and feeling good, and brightening someone else’s day, Davis’ face is always lit up with a smile. Engaging in fitness for Davis has allowed him to let go, and to shut out negativity. Davis came to an understanding that you really cannot let the negative things in life beat you down. For Davis, fitness was not the primary thing that helped him transform, for him, it was acting. Acting gave Davis his charismatic personality, and he has always had a love for the arts. It allowed him to be more open, and he found a group of people who were all different, who all accepted each other for who they were.

“Exercise is a catalyst for other good things to happen in life."

Davis’ motivation is “more like inspiration, it is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and focusing on the positive consequences”, this motivation has grown through looking up to people and seeing what they have accomplished and inspired to do well and being like them. Acting for Davis opened many doors, and it taught him how to be. Davis describes transformation as being physical and mental, and it is “an internal mindset about changing who you are, and it is positive, and it is about becoming a better person as opposed to change”. Davis was very insecure, and acting opened up something inside of him that allowed him to gain a newfound confidence. He was very insecure about being so open, and when he started acting he was accepted into a positive, dynamic environment that allowed him to work hard, and find a passion. Through acting, Davis found himself, and something that brought him joy in an inclusive environment. Coupled with his love for exercising to be able to focus on himself and to grow, he has been able to be an example to young adults, by having a drive and a purpose.

Exercise has given Davis a stress release from academic and stress challenges he faced, and he was shown how bulletproof he actually can be. He has gained a sense of confidence and gave him a new perspective. He realised that fitness can be fun and it is the little things that all contributed to the workout that makes it enjoyable. Exercising, allows Davis to imagine the bigger picture when times are tough, realising that things could be a lot worse than they actually are. Passionate about nutrition and food, Davis wants to help the world in a way he can. He says “it does not mean solving world hunger, but realistically doing the little things to help people in life”, creating a sort of ripple effect. Nutrition and food are one of his passions, ones that he will carry forward through his university studies at the University of British Columbia and beyond.


Hi, I’m Ana. I’m 16 and I go to the Hong Kong International School, where I am part of the swim team. Even though we swim as individuals in the race, it’s the support and spirit of the team that gives me the strongest motivation.

With One Ten. I’m able to work out through spinning, as well as circuit and weight training, all of which really complement my swimming. Each sport gives me different tools, but they all help me find the power inside myself that helps me do the things I’m afraid of.

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Self-esteem is the most valuable gift that exercise can give you. At first, I found I would worry about what other were people doing and judge myself against them, but I learnt that by focusing on me and my progress I was able to feel much better about myself. Loving and accepting yourself is the first step to self-esteem, and so important for girls my age. It’s that mindset of acceptance that I want to convey to today’s youth.

I’d love young girls to understand that it’s okay to look the way you look. Every girl should be confident about how they look and embrace it, but it’s so rare for them to hear that they are beautiful no matter what body shape they are. I’d like to change the pressure girls feel to look a certain way and be defined by what others think. Never let what’s on the outside define you, because it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

“It’s so rare for young girls to hear that they are beautiful no matter what body shape they are”


One Ten Website Images Rider Stories Owen

Hi, I’m Owen. I’m 17, and a Hong Kong national triathlete. I started swimming when I was 12 years old, but I always felt like I wanted to do more. When I discovered triathlon – and added biking and running to my training experience – I got a whole new rush of adrenaline!

To stay at the top of my game, I need to keep challenging myself. I like to live in a constant state of reinvention – getting better and stronger every day.

“I know every challenge will make me better in the long run.”

I’m committed to working hard and I’m dedicated to my sport, so most days I’ll get up before dawn so I can bike on the road when there are no cars around, or get to the pool for early morning practice. I welcome challenges with open arms because it’s only by testing yourself that you can reap real rewards. I know every challenge will make me better in the long run.

I think it’s good to keep pushing yourself. I personally believe you can never be fully fulfilled, because there are always new ways to keep building and growing. But I do want to be happy, because you can’t make a positive impact on someone else’s life until you’ve developed yourself.

My biggest challenge was being hospitalised for pneumonia weeks before the Hong Kong National Triathlete trials. I only had a very limited amount of time to bounce back and perform at the top of my game for this once in a lifetime opportunity to represent my hometown. It was tough, but because I’ve always welcomed new challenges I was able to succeed at that one.


Hi, I’m Justin. I’m 19, and I was never very good at sports or interested in fitness, tending to focus on my studies instead. But two years ago I began exercising – I wanted to be good at something other than academics!

Spinning has been a catalyst for real transformation for me. Finding something physical that I wasn’t the worst at, or coming last at, has helped me grow as a person. I’ve found out more about myself.

One Ten Website Images Rider Stories Justin

Spinning has helped me find my truth – who I am and what I believe in. I want to help other people figure out the same for themselves, to understand what their beliefs are rather than conforming to what everyone else thinks. It’s important to find your own voice in society and use it to bring good into the world.

It worries me when people feel the need to suppress themselves and their personalities or how they look because they don't fit into a ‘norm’ that society has created. I used to feel that way – I was uncomfortable with how I looked – but through exercise I realised that people didn’t care as much about that than I did – it was me judging myself too harshly.

Transformation is a misleading word because people think about before and after, whereas in reality it’s a gradual process. It’s all the small changes you go through that help you find out who you really are.

“It’s the small changes you go through that help you find out who you really are”


One Ten Website Images Rider Stories Charlotte

Hi, I’m Charlotte. I’m 18, and about to start university studies in dentistry. For me, spin class – and the whole riding community – has had a huge impact. I attended right through my high school years, and it helped me gain self-confidence and meet inspiring people, as well as just having a really great time.

Now One Ten enables me to combine my own health and wellness with community service through Time Auction – it gives me the best of both worlds.

“The most important thing is to put love into whatever you’re doing”

Community is something that really matters to me, because it’s the people around me who have helped shape me into the individual I am today. To me, community means kindness, commitment, equality and reciprocity.

Studying dentistry is a great way for me to give back to the community, because I can get involved in outreach programmes in less affluent areas of Hong Kong that make dental care accessible to those who need it most. At high school I started a project called ‘Run for Refugees’ that raised money for dental care in refugee camps in Jordan and Syria. And this summer I travelled to Fiji to volunteer at a centre for children with special needs. But giving back to the community isn’t about organising big events, it’s about constant responsiveness. I think the little things matter most – helping a newcomer find their way around the district, cheering up a neighbour who has had a bad day, bringing your support to local events.

There’s no one way to make an impact into the community, but for me the most important thing is to put love into whatever you’re doing and hopefully spread that to others too.

Stand for something.

But don’t stand for anything.

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