One Ten is made possible thanks to the dedication of our amazing team. From our inspirational instructors to our expert advisors, these are the people who make it happen.

Gigi Chan, Community Director

Gigi grew up as an active child, spending most of her free time in the great outdoors. Having competed at a national level in different sports, she’s learned a lot about what you can gain from the game – namely connecting with yourself and others, stripping away what’s unnecessary, and focusing on challenging yourself and learning. With experience in the consumer goods industry, she understands the difference between what is luxury and what is necessity, and believes we always have a choice.

Tiff Liu, Strategist

Tiff Liu is a Hong Kong transplant currently working as an advertising Account Executive in New York City. When she isn't busy managing her clients, she can be found sweating in a fitness studio for every last ounce of dopamine. Tiff believes that in life, just as in exercise, change happens when you start to feel discomfort. If you push yourself to the best of your ability, there will be pain, but the joy of accomplishment is a satisfaction everyone deserves to experience.

Ada Cheung, Program Director

The importance of holistic wellbeing was engrained in Ada from a young age, through a variety of experiences spanning family, friendship, career and cathartic moments of personal growth. She now humbly and gratefully recognises that every step, experience, encounter and relationship from her past culminates into a deeply profound and meaningful "why" to living. A deep passion for psychology and social work, combined with personal interests in health and wellbeing, has brought her to One Ten, where she works alongside a dream team of comrades with the powerful agenda to serve and empower young adults.

Dionne Lee, Communications Director

Born and raised in Melbourne, Dionne graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and has worked in both the US and Hong Kong. She takes on the Communications Director role for One Ten, where she helps spread the message of incorporating fitness as part of lifestyle. Previously an Accountant and Recruitment Consultant, she is excited and thrilled to bring number and bike crunching to her career.

Tina Chu, Chief of Staff / Sponsorship Director

Tina is the Human Resources Manager at One Ten, and is currently studying English Language and Literature at The Open University, London, to enrich her education. Previously employed by Nike Inc, Tina worked her way up through the company over 15 years, from a junior administrative position in Hong Kong to a senior analyst in the Netherlands. On her return to Hong Kong, she came to work with Belinda, an opportunity she describes as destiny!

Belinda Koo, Founder

As the Founder of One Ten, Belinda hopes to give the youth of today opportunities and resources to combat pain points in their life, equipping them with tools that strengthen them mentally and physically. Dedicating herself to be a driver of change, Belinda also founded XYZ, Hong Kong's revolutionary indoor cycling studio, inspiring over 28,000 people to embrace cardio exercise as a way of life. Belinda is also Managing Director at UBS Wealth Management, a Fellow of the fourth class of the China Fellowship Program and Member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

Cataline Wen, Head of Digital

Cataline's inquisitive and creative mind has led her to be the Head of Digital at One Ten and XYZ. She is a self-taught DJ, music producer, sound designer and web developer, who demonstrates creativity beyond limits. She takes a very hands-on approach to her work and believes it's important to stay hungry and well-informed of the world around us.

Jonathan Choi

Jonathan has extensive clinical experience in adolescents and family therapy with a focus on youth addiction and trauma recovery. Since the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, he has worked in psychological rehabilitation, developing a holistic approach to transforming the lives of traumatized young people. He currently works in mobilizing youth and youth workers from different cultural backgrounds, equipping them to become global citizens. Jonathan holds a PhD in clinical psychology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Leong Cheung

Leong Cheung is Executive Director of charities & community at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, a board director of Social Venture Hong Kong, and serves as co-founder and Chairman of RunOurCity, a foundation that generates positive social impacts through running programs. He has enjoyed a varied career as entrepreneur, consultant and lecturer; holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School; is a fellow of the inaugural class of the China Fellowship Program; and is a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

Christina L Y Tung

Christina is the Head of Philanthropy Advisory, Asia-Pacific, at UBS Wealth Management, where she helps clients to develop effective philanthropic vehicles, manage charitable programs, and engage in sustainability. She has a breadth of experience working with charitable organizations and social entrepreneurs, and currently serves as an advisor and board member on CNEX Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to preserving cultures of Chinese communities. Christina holds a Masters in Communication Management and a Bachelors in Law.

Sunny Tang

Chief Executive Officer of Act Plus Education Foundation Ltd, Sunny is also an award-winning animation director. As Project Director of Skyhigh Creative Partners, he established an animation training program for young people, and has also set up Act Plus Animation and Media Studio, social enterprises to help develop the creativity and career prospects of Hong Kong’s disadvantaged youth. One of the first Hong Kong Spirit Ambassadors, Sunny has won the Art Education Award and Art Development Award from the Hong Kong Art Development Council.

Christian Chan

Christian teaches psychology at The University of Hong Kong. His expertise includes positive youth development, intergroup relations and disaster mental health. In the context of Hong Kong, he is particularly interested in empowering people to take care of their (mental) health through lifestyle medicine; in other words, sleep more, exercise and play more, eat more healthily, and love more generously and genuinely. He holds a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Massachusetts Boston.

One Ten is a social enterprise inspired by The Aspen Institute – an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, DC. Its mission is to foster leadership based on enduring values and to provide a nonpartisan venue for dealing with critical issues.

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