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One Ten’s Program Director, Ada was at South Island School and gave a talk on why it is important to find the time to exercise and to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the Year 10 students. The youth were encouraged with certain points on how to achieve this, also bringing focus to their mental and emotional health.

Balance is:

  • Not about achieving an equal pie chart in your life: as a young adult, school, family and personal hobbies take up different quantitative portions; ensure each portion is executed with mindfulness and and quality
  • About finding physical, mental and emotional health; find the time to exercise, to take time for yourself, to meditate, to journal.

A support network:

  • Is beautifully woven, complex patchwork
  • Is family, friends and different communities, such as One Ten!
  • Consists of individuals and communities that allow you to be raw, honest, authentic and vulnerable; they have your best interests at heart and lift you higher

Self-awareness is knowing:

  • That no situation can cripple or paralyze you, knowing that a freedom that can never be taken away from you is the ability to control how you react to a situation
  • That a healthy lifestyle is different and unique– a yoga class can be a sweat for one individual, meditation for another
  • Both your strengths and vulnerabilities, and using this knowledge to develop resilience

Resilience is:

  • Grit, grit is passion and perseverance combined; this requires sacrifice, hustle, having a clear vision of long term goals and never losing a positive attitude.

The Youth Were Engaged And The Room Was Filled With Focus And Laughter. Currently The Year 12s And 13s At South Island School Attend One Ten Spin Classes At Xyz Under Their Sport And Leisure Program.

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