One Ten X christmas open Day

110於Precision Fitness舉辦了聖誕開放日,110創辦人Belinda和項目總監Ada就110對青少年、老師、家人、親戚及朋友的願景和使命進行了演講。

Instructors from all the disciplines offered at One Ten (Yoga, Spin and HIIT), as well as One Ten Warriors, were present to share their stories of resilience, as well as their experiences of personal growth and community within One Ten.

Ryan, the Founder of Precision Fitness, shared the importance of instructors checking in with the individuals they work with: how are they feeling? How rested are they? Are they currently under any stress or anxiety? Ryan demonstrated the use of a polar HRV monitor, and how this can be used to gauge their energy levels, giving both the fitness coach and the client valuable insight on how this can affect their exercise session, helping set clear and realistic expectations and goals.

The One Ten Team, Youth, Instructors And Family Members Were Mutually Inspired, Encouraged From Each Others’ Sharing And Are Excited To See The Growth Of One Ten For The Year Ahead. 

Open Day

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