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As a Fitness instructor, I regularly train adults in my classes to improve both their mental and physical strength. However, upon beginning my journey as a One Ten instructor, I soon realised that coaching youth requires a similar, but yet different approach; something that I was not fully equipped with just yet.

We received many hours of training prior and analysing the One Ten class curriculum that was tailor-made to ensure we really do bring out the best in the young adults, maximising class time. But as they say, you really do learn on the job as well and One Ten certainly happened that way.

I was recently fortunate enough to attend a workshop hosted by one of the organisations partnering with 110 - Act Plus, a charity organisation that aims at supporting underprivleged youth in Hong Kong. In a room with other One Ten instructors who each specialize in various fitness areas, we shared our current experiences with our One Ten classes. It was inspiring to hear how different instructors use their own unique techniques and personalities to create a common focus for their classes. Whether the goal is more disciplinary or entertaining, to triggering more inward reflection - one thing was apparent. The focus of each instructor’s class all shared a common theme - each targeted a different mindset, and allowed the attendees to experience a different range of emotion on their own; but we ultimately aim to strengthen and improve each young adult’s current situation.

On top of sharing our class experiences, we were also educated with additional tools on how to better connect to younger minds. As adults, we often forget a lot of what used to stress us out as adolescents, and the thoughts and feelings that weighed us down. Being able to be reminded of these feelings and situations that caused this, equipped me with a better skill set to connect on an even deeper level with each One Ten class’ warriors.

An extra special thanks to One Ten and Act Plus, my understanding of how to better communicate and connect with Hong Kong youth has increased, and I am excited for what the future holds as One Ten expands!

“But We Ultimately Aim To Strengthen And Improve Each Young Adult’s Current Situation.”

Life As Instructor

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