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Hi, I’m Ana. I’m 16 and I go to the Hong Kong International School, where I am part of the swim team. Even though we swim as individuals in the race, it’s the support and spirit of the team that gives me the strongest motivation.

With One Ten. I’m able to work out through spinning, as well as circuit and weight training, all of which really complement my swimming. Each sport gives me different tools, but they all help me find the power inside myself that helps me do the things I’m afraid of.

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Self-esteem is the most valuable gift that exercise can give you. At first, I found I would worry about what other were people doing and judge myself against them, but I learnt that by focusing on me and my progress I was able to feel much better about myself. Loving and accepting yourself is the first step to self-esteem, and so important for girls my age. It’s that mindset of acceptance that I want to convey to today’s youth.

I’d love young girls to understand that it’s okay to look the way you look. Every girl should be confident about how they look and embrace it, but it’s so rare for them to hear that they are beautiful no matter what body shape they are. I’d like to change the pressure girls feel to look a certain way and be defined by what others think. Never let what’s on the outside define you, because it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

“It’s so rare for young girls to hear that they are beautiful no matter what body shape they are”


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Hi, I’m Owen. I’m 17, and a Hong Kong national triathlete. I started swimming when I was 12 years old, but I always felt like I wanted to do more. When I discovered triathlon – and added biking and running to my training experience – I got a whole new rush of adrenaline!

To stay at the top of my game, I need to keep challenging myself. I like to live in a constant state of reinvention – getting better and stronger every day.

“I know every challenge will make me better in the long run.”

I’m committed to working hard and I’m dedicated to my sport, so most days I’ll get up before dawn so I can bike on the road when there are no cars around, or get to the pool for early morning practice. I welcome challenges with open arms because it’s only by testing yourself that you can reap real rewards. I know every challenge will make me better in the long run.

I think it’s good to keep pushing yourself. I personally believe you can never be fully fulfilled, because there are always new ways to keep building and growing. But I do want to be happy, because you can’t make a positive impact on someone else’s life until you’ve developed yourself.

My biggest challenge was being hospitalised for pneumonia weeks before the Hong Kong National Triathlete trials. I only had a very limited amount of time to bounce back and perform at the top of my game for this once in a lifetime opportunity to represent my hometown. It was tough, but because I’ve always welcomed new challenges I was able to succeed at that one.


Hi, I’m Justin. I’m 19, and I was never very good at sports or interested in fitness, tending to focus on my studies instead. But two years ago I began exercising – I wanted to be good at something other than academics!

Spinning has been a catalyst for real transformation for me. Finding something physical that I wasn’t the worst at, or coming last at, has helped me grow as a person. I’ve found out more about myself.

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Spinning has helped me find my truth – who I am and what I believe in. I want to help other people figure out the same for themselves, to understand what their beliefs are rather than conforming to what everyone else thinks. It’s important to find your own voice in society and use it to bring good into the world.

It worries me when people feel the need to suppress themselves and their personalities or how they look because they don't fit into a ‘norm’ that society has created. I used to feel that way – I was uncomfortable with how I looked – but through exercise I realised that people didn’t care as much about that than I did – it was me judging myself too harshly.

Transformation is a misleading word because people think about before and after, whereas in reality it’s a gradual process. It’s all the small changes you go through that help you find out who you really are.

“It’s the small changes you go through that help you find out who you really are”


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Hi, I’m Charlotte. I’m 18, and about to start university studies in dentistry. For me, spin class – and the whole riding community – has had a huge impact. I attended right through my high school years, and it helped me gain self-confidence and meet inspiring people, as well as just having a really great time.

Now One Ten enables me to combine my own health and wellness with community service through Time Auction – it gives me the best of both worlds.

“The most important thing is to put love into whatever you’re doing”

Community is something that really matters to me, because it’s the people around me who have helped shape me into the individual I am today. To me, community means kindness, commitment, equality and reciprocity.

Studying dentistry is a great way for me to give back to the community, because I can get involved in outreach programmes in less affluent areas of Hong Kong that make dental care accessible to those who need it most. At high school I started a project called ‘Run for Refugees’ that raised money for dental care in refugee camps in Jordan and Syria. And this summer I travelled to Fiji to volunteer at a centre for children with special needs. But giving back to the community isn’t about organising big events, it’s about constant responsiveness. I think the little things matter most – helping a newcomer find their way around the district, cheering up a neighbour who has had a bad day, bringing your support to local events.

There’s no one way to make an impact into the community, but for me the most important thing is to put love into whatever you’re doing and hopefully spread that to others too.

Stand for something.

But don’t stand for anything.

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